Motorcycle Storage at Richmond Motorsports


Winter is tough on machines that have to sit idle for months at a time!!! Extended periods of non-use can lead to component degradation and corrosion, requiring costly repairs if bikes are not properly stored!

At Richmond Motorsports we can ensure your ride is Good-to-Go come spring.  Battery maintainers are employed on all of our stored bikes. Battery Maintainers not only maintain the battery, they will double battery life if used consistently when your bike is sitting, so they are a wise investment if you don't already have one!  For the storage period, it is also recommended that oil be freshly changed to prevent dirty oil deposits from settling out in the bottom of the cranckcase. Your bike should also be delivered to us with the fuel tank filled completely to remove as much air space as possible to minimize fuel deterioration. We can provide these services and perform manfacturers' sheduled maintenance for you. 

Richmond Motorsports can also provide a pick-up and delivery service if desired:

  • $100 Minimum for up to 15km (one-way only based on Google Maps from our location to destiny location)
  • Add $3 per km beyond 15km 

Storage Rates - Nov 1 to Mar 31(5 months minimum) Before or after - $59 per month



Bikes up to 1000cc - $299    

Bikes over 1000cc - $349 

Bikes with Bags or crash bars - $349  


Under seat installation is free when purchased from us. 


  • Drain carbs if required
  • Add fuel stabilizer  
  • Change oil & filter
  • Lube chassis & cables

 $99 + parts     

  • Change oil &filter
  • Check fluids
  • Adjust chain
  • Check tire pressures 
  • Lube chassis & cables

 $99 + parts