Meet the Richmond Motorsports Team!

LEN BERTRAND - Company Owner, Licensed Technician, Dyno Tuner - Len's passion for motorcycles began at the young age of 12 and with his love of mechanics it was a perfect match! "I've worked on all kinds of equipment but for me, motorcycles arre always the most enjoyable to work on. They offer so much, being a combination of mechanics, art, sound, smell, and feeling ... to ride wrapped around the internal combustion engine on 2 wheels! I enjoy trouble shooting, tuning and other engineering challenges." When it comes to riding, Len's personal rides are his Triumph Daytona 675 or Street Triple R.        

NICK MERZIOTIS - Licensed Technician - Nick comes from a background as a Marine Technician.  He also holds a degree in Computer Engineering and worked in high tech network engineering for a number of years. Nick is a stickler for detail and has a reputation for quality workmanship that he's carried over to motorcycles. These skills have also proven to be valuable assets in dealing with complex electrical issues in the shop. Nick is an avid sport/touring rider as well on his 2018 Yamaha MT10. 
TANNIS ARMSTRONG - Service, Parts, Accessories, Reception - Tannis has lived and breathed the motorcycle life for many years! Following a serious motorcycle accident years ago she was forced to leave the dental industry and turned her career to the motorcycle industry ... luckily for us!  Tannis has embraced the motorcycle scene and customers have embraced Tannis for her  knowledge of the parts and accessories space and her bright & bubbly personality.  Way to go Tannis!  Tannis is a sport rider and her ride is a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R.