LenBert Dyno Tuning Service

Richmond Motorsports offers professional EFI and Carb tuning performed by owner Len Bertrand of " LENBERT DYNO TUNING"


 Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Pricing as follows:

-Interceptor type Tuning devices - ( ie Power Commander, Bazzaz, etc ) 

-Street bikes $399, Race bikes $299 

Additional Maps For Bikes With Dual Map Capability If Requested + $100-

Interceptor type devices are a lower cost method of refining Air/Fuel ratio's to optimize popular add-ons like exhaust, air filters in engines that are otherwise stock internally. They also allow you to return our bike to stock easily and because your original tune remains in the ECU they won't affect the warranty. Listed below are changes that we have access to but some versions only allow fuel control below:
Improved Throttle Response
Smoother Idle and Mid Range
Reduce Backfiring on De-acceleration
Revised Fuel & Ignition Maps to accommodate modifications and increase HP

-Direct ECU Tuning - $150 per hr + firmware and licence to unlock ECU

Direct ECU Tuning is a more costly way to tune your bike but allows us much more in depth adjustment's beyond Fuel and Spark usually only accessible with interceptor type controllers. Keep in mind, because your factory ECU is being re-programed it can void the warranty on a newer bike and therefore interceptor type devices may be preferable. Some of the popular adjustments we make in re-programing your ECU are listed below:
* Remove Throttle Restrictions
* Increase Rev Limit
* Remove Factory Ignition timing Retard
* Remove Speed Limiters (Gear Dependent)
* Reduce Excessive Engine Braking
* Improved Throttle Control & Response
* Revised Fuel & Ignition Maps to accommodate modifications and increase HP
- DYNO TIME - STREET BIKES vs RACE BIKES -  Generally,  Street bikes require more tuning time on the dyno than race bikes because we have to make sure the mid range of the fuel map is optimized for cruising and intermeadiate throttle ranges as well. With race bikes we are focused on fueling at WOT or Wide Open Throttle. We still have to make sure the idle, off idle and mid range fueling is close enough not to cause any transition problems between off-idle and full throttle, so if it's way out of range we're going to adjust it satisfactory.
- TIPS ON INTERCEPTOR TYPE DEVICE FUEL MAPS -  Many of you may install your own interceptor type contoller like a Power Commander or Bazzaz, and select a developed map that is a download from a similar set-up, or use the supplied enhanced map that came in the device. Be skeptical of using any maps that have percentage's of +20 or more. Most bikes with stock engines, aftermarket exhaust, air filter, that have clean injectors and a good fuel pump and filter, don't often require more correction than 20%.  Another reason for high correction % values can also be the result of an incorrect Air/Fuel measurement during the process of their development! In other words the oxygen sensor information reporting during the testing and map development was not accurate. There can be an few reasons like poor location of the sensor, exhaust system leaks or an AIS (Air Injection System) that is not dissabled.  It's quite common we see EFI bikes even with stock exhaust lean at idle and into the 15% throttle opening ranges so they can meet emmission standards, yet overly rich at full throttle! With a slip-on exhaust and especially a full competion exhaust system they will be VERY lean in the off idle and cruise range causing jerky or surging feeling when riding.  This will never cause any damage to the engine because it is not under heavy sustained load. If your bikes fuel system is in good shape, there is usually enough fuel delivery at WOT ( Wide Open Throttle ) in factory mapping to keep from causing engine damage, yet we don't recoomend you test the limits of full power under sustained loads till your bike is dyno tuned!    
- IS YOUR BIKE READY FOR THE DYNO? -  EFI bikes should be running fairly well before you book it in for tuning, however Carbureted bikes can be an exception!  On an EFI bike the Factory tune in the ECU's are never out far enough to cause the bike to run terrible with typical bolt-ons. If your EFI bike is running very bad, it likely has other issues not related to tuning and needs diagnosis. When you bring your bike in it should have at least 1/2 a tank of fuel, Tire pressure's checked and adjusted to spec, Fresh oil and filter and level checked, Antifreeze level checked, Cooling fan is operation verified, Chain lubed and adjusted to have at least 1" freeplay.      

For further details, recommendations and booking contact Len at Richmond Motorsports - 613-838-9996